Custom Spoons

THE SPOON has been a Kearney family tradition since 1961. It is handcrafted of poured aluminum into a sand casting at the Kearney foundry. It is designed to last more than a lifetime and virtually indestructible.


THE SPOON has become very popular as business advertisements, table decorations, gifts, and wedding favors for guests to bring home to commemorate the bride and groom. It may be embossed with raised lettering to show any name date etc. Functionally THE SPOON is the "best" ice-cream scoop ever. It cuts through the coldest of ice-cream easily with its sharp edge. It is also great as a serving spoon and a gardening tool. For purchasing information click here to visit our Facebook page.

Great For

  • Serving spoon for casserole
  • Ice-cream scoop
  • Pumpkin carving scoop
  • Great for weddings
  • Advertise your company name